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Screen print made by Paltex, A silk screen printing is stretched on a frame big enough to hold paint and cover the design. A design is applied to the screen that prevents ink from going through. So, only the areas with no design get ink. Then the screen is lowered onto the thing to receive the ink (t-shirt, label, sign, etc.). Now the Paint is put on the screen, and a squeegee (like you clean your windows with, but industrial strength) is used to evenly spread the paint over the design, and paint flows through the screen at the points where there is no design, therefore Paltex offer the  best screen printing.


Screen printing is one of the world’s oldest methods of printing words and images. Its origin can be traced back to early Egyptian and Chinese civilizations. Although it is an ancient process, there have been many new innovations and improvements in the last decades. Glow in the dark and scented inks, dye discharge for printing on darks, environmentally friendly and extremely high quality water based inks. Not to mention computer artwork!


Screen printing is a very traditional method of printing, the technique is based on that of stenciling. A fine mesh is used as the stencil, a fill blade (squeegee) is used to force through unblocked areas of the mesh and onto the printing surface. Screen printing only prints one color at a time, so several screens are required to produce a multicolored design.


It is a way of making lots of pics all the same. You use a screen, and put your card, paper etc. underneath, I usually use acrylic paint and a squeegee to pull the paint across. You will need to make stencil of the parts you want different colors on.

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Screen Printing

Social Responsibility

At Paltex Screen Printers we believe children are our future. In order to realize this dream, the company has sponsored Non-Profit Organizations such as Chubby Chums Children’s home and a feeding scheme at the Nkosi Johnson Children’s haven.

We have done a kiddies Christmas party at the Aryan benevolent home for homeless children. In our latest educational project, we undertook an educational tour for children in conjunction with the Red Cross and the Hector Pieterson Museum in Soweto. The aim of the joint venture was to promote the importance of education in children’s lives. Every year, we strive to continuously do projects for children and the hope that this small token will play a bigger part in bettering the lives of our children.

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