Election Printed T-Shirts

"We Beat Any Written Quote"


Election Printed T-shirts are a powerful way to promote a political campaign or show support for a candidate. These custom-designed T-shirts often feature slogans, logos, or graphics related to the election or specific political causes. By wearing election printed T-shirts, supporters can express their political views and engage in grassroots campaigning.

These T-shirts serve as effective tools for increasing visibility and creating a sense of unity among supporters. Whether for rallies, fundraisers, or everyday wear, election printed T-shirts make a bold statement and contribute to the overall branding and messaging of a campaign. Explore a variety of options and designs to find the perfect election printed T-shirt for your political involvement or campaign efforts.


Our Vision

To be the foremost screen printer in the industry. With a passion for customer satisfaction. With a drive for quality and a reputation for reliability.


Our Values

  • Honesty and Integrity in everything we do.
  • Trust and Respect.



To begin with, Paltex Silkscreen Printers was established in Newton. Johannesburg in 1981. By the late Dereck Chetty.  His vision was to create a company. Moreover, with a reputation for reliability. And a drive for quality. And also and customer service. The company has grown through the years to become a leader in the industry. Certainly competitively priced. With the highest quality standards. And superior customer service. We are winning prepositions with our customers to ensure that we remain the preferred  “PAL in TEXtile” printing.



Today, PG Paltex is a second generation printing company with very same values and standards intact. A print partner who is above all able to provide a combination of up to date technology. In house graphics, moreover practical solutions. And the willingness to go the extra mile.